Garrett Vascular Dilator


Sizes are given below:

5-1/2″ (14.0 cm)

8-1/4″ (21.0 cm)

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Orange’s Garrett Vascular Dilators are specially designed for use in Cardiothoracic surgical procedures. In a wide variety of these surgeries, it is necessary for the surgeon to be able to maneuver through the entire course of vessels; in cases of congenital heart diseases, these could be abnormal vessels. More importantly there is a need for the surgeon to be able to efficiently and accurately measure luminal diameters and perform dilations and these vascular dilators are uniquely suited to perform that specific task. One set includes a holder as well as 9 dilators ranging in size from a one mm tip size up to a 5 mm tip size and these dilators are 5.5″ long.

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