Bailey Rib Approximator (Adult)


Adult, 6-3/4″ (17.0 cm)

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Bailey Rib Approximator is used in Cardiothoracic procedures. This approximator is uniquely designed with two opposing claw heads to allow the ribs to be brought back to closure. A large dial is used for moving the claws and is held in place by a ratcheting system ensuring delicate precision but maintaining firm hold and stability through the procedure. This instrument is available in two sizes: pediatric and adult.

Technical Specifications:

Material: Stainless Steel

Ultrasonic Cleaned: Yes

Dull-Polished: Yes

Usage: Reusable

Tests Performed: Performance Test, Shape Test and Boil Test.

Packing: Individually Packed

Sterility: Non Sterile

QC Passed: Yes

Weight 0.099999881075 g