Upper Universal Forceps eXcel ™ Gold


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Upper Universal Forceps eXcel ™ Gold designed to removing tooth or allow subgingival access to the root while. The beaks shape  like tapered, serrated and notched. Its allow the forceps to penetrate deeper into the tooth socket and to maximize the tooth-to-forceps contact. Because the notched beaks provide an enhanced grip. Which assists atraumatic extractions and reduces the risk of fracturing the root structure. Because its causing trauma to the surrounding hard and soft tissues.

Upper Universal Forceps eXcel ™ Gold have unique, lightweight, ergonomic handle with smooth matte finish and circular openings coated with Titanium Nitride, reduce the instrument’s weight. These forceps made with high quality German stainless steel and provides long instrument life with minimal wear. Forceps Extraction

Weight 0.2 g