Bone Crusher


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Bone Crusher from Orange Instruments allows fast and easy morselization of bone blocks into smaller bone chips. Bone Crushers

1- Place harvested bone in well of instruments.
2- Apply pressure and turn “T” handle.
3- Bone is crushed b/w knurled titanium surfaces.
4- Push “T” handle to remove bone from instruments.

Manufactured for optimal results and precision.

Fully guaranteed against defect in workmanship and material.

It is manufactured from premium quality AISI 420 medical grade stainless steel.

While performing the clinical procedure, a high level of precision and versatility is needed.
High degree of aesthetic and corrosion resistance.

Product fully conformed to CE marked, ISO 9001, FDA, and ISO 13485 standards.

Technical Specifications
Material: Stainless Steel
Rusting Prevention Procedure: Passivated
Autoclavable: Yes
Ultrasonic Cleaned: Yes
Surface Finish: Dull
Usage: Left Hand or Right Hand
Tests Performed: Performance Test, Shape Test and Boil Test.
Packing: Individually Packed
QC Passed: Yes

Weight 0.2 g