Frazier Tube


Frazier Tube, Tip: 4mm

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Frazier Tube Aspirators made from the finest surgical stainless steel and meticulously handcrafted to ensure superior longevity and performance. Frazier Tube Aspirators regulates the control of suction force with a relief hole. This opening may be covered or exposed with the index finger to monitor the amount of suction to ensure perfect visibility of the surgical site. When the hole is left open, it acts as an exhaust hole, allowing air to escape. As a result of the reduced suction, the tip will not pick up soft tissues and will only aspirate fluids. With the aspirating action, covering the exhaust hole would allow stronger suction to pick up soft tissues. The Frazier Surgical Aspirator allows for easy access inside the mouth. Tube Frazier

Features of Frazier Tube:

Made of medical-grade German stainless steel.
Passivation procedure performed to prevent rust and corrosion resistance.
Non-sterile, reusable and autoclavable.
Form test, boiling test and performance test carried out.
Lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
Packaged in an elegant, fully recyclable cardboard box.

Weight 0.1 g