Periodontal Instruments Set


Periodontal Instruments Set:
Set of 23 instruments with sterilization cassette.

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  1. Ochsenbein Chisel
  2. Rhodes back action file
  3. Kirkland Knife
  4. Buck Knife
  5. Goldman-Fox Knife
  6. Sanders Knife
  7. Langer Curette
  8. Bernhart Scaler
  9. Rule Scaler
  10. De Marco Scaler
  11. Goldman-Fox Scaler
  12. Goldman-Fox Scaler
  13. McCall Curette
  14. McCall Curette
  15. Tayler Curette
  16. Jaquette Curette
  17. Towner Jaquette Curette
  18. Hirschfeld File
  19. Sugerman File
  20. Buck File
  21. Chisel
  22. De Marco Scaler
  23. Kirkland Knife
Features of Periodontal Instruments Set:

Made of medical-grade German stainless steel.
Passivation procedure performed to prevent rust and improve corrosion resistance.
Non-sterile, reusable and autoclavable.
Form test, boiling test and performance test carried out.
Lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
Packaged in an elegant, fully recyclable cardboard box.

Weight 1 g