Soft Brushing Kit


Extend the flap up to 3 cm very softly & easily without periosteal incision!

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The Concept: The idea behind the Soft Brushing technique is to gently disturb the organization of the collagen fibers in the fibrous periosteum so that they can be displaced apically off the bone, exposing the roots and bone. The Brushes in the kit minimize the tension of the fibers, allowing the flap to be reflected and released with the Brushes alone.

Brushing can be done in two ways: Soft and mildly aggressive. The soft method is used when going from apical to coronal. Brushing action is used with slightly more vigorous pressing when switching coronal to apical, adding more pressure to the fibers. When periodontal tissue has been scarred, for example, this is used.

The Brushing: After a full thickness flap elevation, the brushing is over. Only after a full thickness flap has been raised may brushing be used. It’s best if the flap is as deep as possible. With forceps, pull the flap up and down and begin brushing with the small scale (regular or angulated for a posterior area). The movement is extremely accurate. The brush is used to apply pressure to the periosteum and a circular motion is used to displace the fibers.

Additional Hints: The flap opens and closes quickly and easily. At a time, you can retract and release up to 1cm. It’s possible that the fibers will have more resistance, and it will take a little longer. Continue brushing until the fibers are sufficiently displaced and the flap is sufficiently released. Brushing the mylohyoid muscle away from the lingual flap is a simple way to gently isolate it. For larger flaps, use the medium or XL after the first print. Brushing the lingual flap’s periosteum is also an option. You should check the periosteum after brushing to make sure it hasn’t been affected..

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