Z-Type Scissors Slight Curved


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Z-Type Scissor Slight Curved Gyn & Ob Instruments

Z-Type Scissor Slight Curved Tungsten Carbide, Serrated are used to clamp and cut parametrium & uterine tissue during hysterectomy procedures. The curvature of these scissors complements that of the Z-Type hysterectomy clamps / forceps. Scissors combine the precision and performance of super cut with the durability of tungsten carbide cutting edges. These scissors:

1) Enhanced service life and sharper cutting edges, tungsten carbide inlays on both blades for increased durability.

2) Have one standard blade and one with serrations that is used to prevent tissue slippage.

3) Feature gold-plated handles.

Technical Specifications:

Specialty        : Obstetrics & Gynecology-Scissors – Tungsten Carbide

Material         : Stainless Steel

Finish            : Tungsten Carbide

Grade            : Premium Operating Room

Sterility         : Non-Sterility

Usage           : Reusable

Weight 0.2 kg