Sims Uterine Curette


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Sims Uterine Curette Gyn & Ob Instruments

Sims Uterine Curette is used for removing tissue from the lining of the uterus. It may be used to scrape and remove growths or tissue to be biopsied. It may also be used as part of a D&C procedure. The teardrop shaped, fenestrated, loop tip is sharp that is available in various sizes. The shaft is malleable so that it can be manipulated to an angle suitable for both patient and user needs. This product is a #1 curette. The tip is approximately 13mm long and 7mm wide. The overall length is 11″ (28.0 cm).

Technical Specifications:

Tip Configuration: Sharp

Handle                : Hollow with Vertical Grooves

Material              : Stainless Steel

Usage                 : Reusable

Sterile                 : Non-Sterile

Grade                 : Premium OR-Grade

Malleable, sharp, 11″ (28.0 cm)

Weight 0.2 g